Definition of Palatalised

1. Adjective. Produced with the front of the tongue near or touching the hard palate (as 'y') or with the blade of the tongue near the hard palate (as 'ch' in 'chin' or 'j' in 'gin').

Exact synonyms: Palatal, Palatalized
Similar to: Soft
Derivative terms: Palatal

Definition of Palatalised

1. Adjective. (context: linguistics chiefly British) Having undergone palatalisation. ¹

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Literary usage of Palatalised

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Handbook of Phonetics by Henry Sweet (1877)
"o in not. oh ... between (j) and (02). ce . . . open French eu. as ... wide (as). p ... pay. ph . . . voiceless (bh). ply . . palatalised (ph). ..."

2. Standard Alphabet for Reducing Unwritten Languages and Foreign Graphic by Richard Lepsius (1863)
"As in the Old Slovenian we transcribe the palatalised vowels by prefixing the letter j, and employ the same sign for the affixed ii. ..."

3. On Early English Pronunciation: With Special Reference to Shakespeare and by Alexander John Ellis, William Salesbury, Johann Andreas Schmeller, Francis James Child, Alexander Barclay, Johan Winkler (1889)
"(j) a modifier, indicating that the preceding consonant is palatalised, or that an attempt ... (kjh) palatalised hiss, an attempt to pronounce (kh) and (i) ..."

4. A Dialect of Donegal: Being the Speech of Meenawannia in the Parish of by Edmund Crosby Quiggin (1906)
"Corresponding to the two main vowel-divisions, back and front, we find the consonants grouped into palatal (palatalised) and non-palatal ..."

5. A Comparative Grammar of the Indo-Germanic Languages: A Concise Exposition by Karl Brugmann, Robert Seymour Conway, William Henry Denham Rouse (1888)
"Tien palatalised pronunciation takes place before non-palatal Bowels, ... We express the non-palatalised I by 1; it is the 'guttural' /, which in those ..."

6. An Elementary Old English Grammar by Alfred John Wyatt (1897)
"(u) Palatalisation of primary2 e, as, ee after initial palatalised c, g, sc. (iii) Palatalisation of a, a, o, Q, o, u, u, after initial palatalised sc. ..."

7. Transactions by Cambridge Philological Society (1899)
"Therefore while agreeing with Sweet that Germ. j- and (palatalised) Germ. 3- had come to be the same sound, I can not admit that this sound was an explosive ..."

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