Definition of Parallel

1. Noun. Something having the property of being analogous to something else.

Exact synonyms: Analog, Analogue
Generic synonyms: Similarity
Specialized synonyms: Echo

2. Verb. Be parallel to. "Their roles are paralleled by ours"
Generic synonyms: Agree, Check, Correspond, Fit, Gibe, Jibe, Match, Tally

3. Adjective. Being everywhere equidistant and not intersecting. "Dancers in two parallel rows"

4. Noun. An imaginary line around the Earth parallel to the equator.
Exact synonyms: Latitude, Line Of Latitude, Parallel Of Latitude
Specialized synonyms: Polar Circle, Horse Latitude, Tropic
Generic synonyms: Line
Derivative terms: Latitudinal

5. Verb. Make or place parallel to something. "They paralleled the ditch to the highway"
Exact synonyms: Collimate
Generic synonyms: Alter, Change, Modify

6. Adjective. Of or relating to the simultaneous performance of multiple operations. "Parallel processing"
Category relationships: Computer Science, Computing
Similar to: Synchronal, Synchronic, Synchronous

7. Noun. (mathematics) one of a set of parallel geometric figures (parallel lines or planes). "Parallels never meet"
Category relationships: Math, Mathematics, Maths
Generic synonyms: Figure

8. Verb. Duplicate or match. "The polished surface twinned his face and chest in reverse"
Exact synonyms: Duplicate, Twin
Generic synonyms: Agree, Check, Correspond, Fit, Gibe, Jibe, Match, Tally
Derivative terms: Twin

Definition of Parallel

1. a. Extended in the same direction, and in all parts equally distant; as, parallel lines; parallel planes.

2. n. A line which, throughout its whole extent, is equidistant from another line; a parallel line, a parallel plane, etc.

3. v. t. To place or set so as to be parallel; to place so as to be parallel to, or to conform in direction with, something else.

4. v. i. To be parallel; to correspond; to be like.

5. n. That arrangement of an electrical system in which all positive poles, electrodes, terminals, etc., are joined to one conductor, and all negative poles, etc., to another conductor; -- called also multiple. Opposed to series.

Definition of Parallel

1. Adjective. Equally distant from one another at all points. ¹

2. Adjective. Having the same overall direction; the comparison is indicated with "to". ¹

3. Adjective. (context: hyperbolic geometry) ''said of a pair of lines:'' that they either do not intersect or they coincide[ Jos Leys — ''The hyperbolic chamber''] (paragraph 8) ¹

4. Adjective. (computing) Involving the processing of multiple tasks at the same time ¹

5. Adverb. With a parallel relationship ¹

6. Noun. One of a set of parallel lines. ¹

7. Noun. A line of latitude. ¹

8. Noun. An arrangement of electrical components such that a current flows along two or more paths; see in parallel ¹

9. Noun. Something identical or similar in essential respects ¹

10. Verb. To construct something parallel to something else. ¹

11. Verb. Of a path etc: To be parallel to something else. ¹

12. Verb. Of a process etc: To be analogous to something else. ¹

13. Verb. To compare or liken something to something else. ¹

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Definition of Parallel

1. to be similar or analogous to [v -LELED, -LELING, -LELS or -LELLED, -LELLING, -LELS]

Medical Definition of Parallel

1. 1. Pertaining to straight lines or planes that do not intersect. 2. Pertaining to electric circuit components connected in parallel so that the current flow divides, each branch passing through one component and rejoins, applied by extension to any similar parallel circuit, for example the systemic circulation to the various organs. This entry appears with permission from the Dictionary of Cell and Molecular Biology (11 Mar 2008)

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Literary usage of Parallel

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

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"On the twenty-seventh parallel the line is very near the center of the usually accepted area as defined by Carpenter. Returning, the steamer passed by ..."

2. The Thirteen Books of Euclid's Elements by Euclid, Johan Ludvig Heiberg (1908)
"But planes to which the same straight line is at right angles are parallel; [xi. 14] therefore the plane through AS, BC is parallel to the plane through DE, ..."

3. Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare, Peter Augustin Daniel (1874)
"A parallel-Text Edition of the first two Quartos of Romeo and Juliet, ... parallel-Texts of the Quarto and First Folio, arranged so as to show their ..."

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"Two lines are parallel when they meet at infinity — that VOL. 12 — 30 is, i and /, are parallel when their intersection lies on i — just as in a ..."

5. The Encyclopaedia Britannica: A Dictionary of Arts, Sciences, Literature and (1910)
"... such condensers we can combine them in " parallel " or in " series." If all the plates on one side arc connected together and also those on the other, ..."

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