Definition of Parental quality

1. Noun. A quality appropriate to a parent.

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Literary usage of Parental quality

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A History of the United States by Edward Channing (1905)
"... began to dislike the parental quality of the new director's care of them. Peter Stuyvesant, like his predecessor, was a despot. ..."

2. The Antiquary by Edward Walford, John Charles Cox, George Latimer Apperson (1886)
"... for the description of single women who had never married, the title was retained as an indication of their parental quality by wives and widows. ..."

3. Can Mankind Survive by Morrison Isaac Swift (1918)
"... it is the more stubbornly and intemperately do the parents insist on the child accepting it. For the lower and farther out of date parental quality is, ..."

4. The Secret Woman by Eden Phillpotts (1905)
"I see each true to the implanted instincts; I mark the roads diverge and note where this or that parental quality gained ascendency, or where bygone strains ..."

5. Philosophy of Education by Thomas Edward Shields (1917)
"These advantages are shared by teachers in proportion to their training and to the high development of the parental quality which marks the teacher's ..."

6. Journal of the North China Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society by Shanghai Literary and Scientific Society, North-China Branch, China Branch (1920)
"The consequent nature is conditional on the parental quality, the adverse dependent on untoward phenomena. Hence the pregnant mother gives birth to a ..."

7. Denizens of the Deep by Frank Thomas Bullen (1904)
"That is in the parental quality. No animal cares for its offspring so long or more lovingly. No animal will willingly undergo more suffering and privation ..."

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