Definition of Parietals

1. Noun. (plural of parietal) ¹

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Definition of Parietals

1. parietal [n] - See also: parietal

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Literary usage of Parietals

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The American Naturalist by American Society of Naturalists, Essex Institute (1902)
"The parietals were filled both in front and behind the clamp. They were somewhat distended in front of the clamps, owing to increased pressure from the ..."

2. Geological Magazine by Henry Woodward (1904)
"The parietals are long, extending nearly to the front of the temporal fossa. Their most peculiar character is that they send back on to the occipital ..."

3. The Medical Times and Gazette (1863)
"55),'to which the tympanic ring closely adheres. The large parietals ... The parietals are narrower in the middle line of the vertex than anywhere else, ..."

4. A Text book of alkaloidal practice by William Francis Waugh, Wallace C. Abbott (1907)
"position should be changed often to prevent the occiput flattening or being dislocated under the edges of the parietals. Of the above treatment the hygienic ..."

5. Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society Held at Philadelphia for by American Philosophical Society (1885)
"Facial scales keeled ; laterals smaller, directed upwards and backwards ; two parietals ; one ... two small parietals ; two rows blue spots on the belly 8. ..."

6. A Manual of the Anatomy of Vertebrated Animals by Thomas Henry Huxley (1871)
"These relations are not usual in true frontals or parietals (though the ... and parietals only; or whether, lastly, they are the result of an excessive ..."

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