Definition of Parking area

1. Noun. A lot where cars are parked.

Exact synonyms: Car Park, Park, Parking Lot
Generic synonyms: Lot
Specialized synonyms: Used-car Lot
Derivative terms: Park, Park

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Literary usage of Parking area

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Report of the Hundred and Twenty Second Round Table on Transport Economics by ECMT Staff, Ecmt, (Paris) European Conference of Ministers, Centre Economic Research, Economic Research Centre, (Paris) Round Table on Transport Economi (2003)
"Position and number of colour-coded parking spaces near the EXPO 2000 site (RED: NORTH parking area; YELLOW: WEST parking area; BLUE: EAST parking area; ..."

2. Adventure Guide to New Hampshire by Elizabeth L. Dugger (2002)
"Trail and parking area use are free, and many lodging and service establishments offer midweek specials to encourage snowmobilers to come then. ..."

3. Adventure Guide to Oklahoma by Lynne M. Sullivan (1999)
"Another parking area is on Holson Valley Road .6 mile east of the trails'junction. If you can arrange to be dropped off at one parking area and picked up at ..."

4. Adventure Guide to the Chesapeake Bay by Barbara Radcliffe Rogers, Stillman Rogers (2000)
"On Catoctin Hollow Rd., look for signs to the William Houck area and the beach parking area. In summer this is a fee facility. It is named for Cunningham ..."

5. Yorkshire Dales by Ron Scholes (2006)
"There is a small parking area for fine views of the waterfall Cautley Spout and Cautley Crags. Proceed down the valley of the ..."

6. Battlefields of the Civil War by Blair Howard (1998)
"Leave your car in the parking area and walk across the field to the four-lane highway ... When you are ready to continue your tour, leave the parking area, ..."

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