Medical Definition of Past-pointing

1. A test of the integrity of the vestibular apparatus of the ear and of cerebellar function: the patient, seated in a revolving chair, is rotated to the right ten times with eyes closed; then with the arm held horizontal, the right index finger is brought in touch with the tip of the examiner's finger; the arm is then raised vertically and the patient is instructed to touch the examiner's finger on bringing the arm once more to the horizontal; if the vestibular apparatus is normal, the finger will be brought down several inches to the right of the examiner's finger because the patient is still responding to the sensation of rotation to the left; the reverse is true on rotation to the left. In cerebellar disease, a patient attempting to reach a point with the finger will overshoot it. The test is also used in connection with caloric stimulation. (05 Mar 2000)

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