Definition of Patellidae

1. Noun. Marine limpets.

Exact synonyms: Family Patellidae
Generic synonyms: Mollusk Family
Group relationships: Class Gasteropoda, Class Gastropoda, Gasteropoda, Gastropoda
Member holonyms: Genus Patella, Patella

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Literary usage of Patellidae

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Report on the Turton Collection of South African Marine Mollusks: With by Paul Bartsch (1915)
"Family patellidae. Genus PATELLA Linnaeus. PATELLA GRANATINA Linnaeus. The United States National Museum contains eight lots of this species from the Cape ..."

2. Annals and Magazine of Natural History by William Jardine (1855)
"... the mantle and that of the foot sets backwards towards the anus—in the patellidae it sets forwards, towards the common position of the mouth and anus. ..."

3. Forms of Animal Life: A Manual of Comparative Anatomy : with Descriptions of by George Rolleston, William Hatchett Jackson (1888)
"The Limpets (patellidae) among ... forming a complete series in the former of the two groups (patellidae), a right and left row in the latter. ..."

4. American Journal of Conchology by George Washington Tryon, Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia Conchological Section (1871)
"467 ; in patellidae. }pr., Lect. 1860, p. 70. Second. ed. p. 72. ... 165 : in patellidae. Ibid., Guide Moll. 1857, p. ..."

5. The Transactions of the Microscopical Society of London by Microscopical Society of London (1868)
"... from patellidae by arranging Dentalium between them; and although Crepidulidae differ very slightly from patellidae, he nevertheless places them widely ..."

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