Definition of Pay off

1. Verb. Yield a profit or result. "His efforts finally paid off"

Generic synonyms: Bear, Pay, Yield

2. Verb. Eliminate by paying off (debts).
Exact synonyms: Liquidate
Generic synonyms: Ante Up, Pay, Pay Up
Specialized synonyms: Lift, Amortise, Amortize
Derivative terms: Liquidation

3. Verb. Pay off (loans or promissory notes).
Exact synonyms: Redeem
Generic synonyms: Pay
Derivative terms: Redeemer, Redemption

4. Verb. Do or give something to somebody in return. "They pay off to move "; "Does she pay you for the work you are doing?"
Exact synonyms: Compensate, Make Up, Pay
Generic synonyms: Settle
Derivative terms: Compensation, Compensation, Pay, Payee, Payer
Also: Pay Back

5. Verb. Pay someone with influence in order to receive a favor.
Exact synonyms: Buy Off
Category relationships: Crime, Criminal Offence, Criminal Offense, Law-breaking, Offence, Offense
Generic synonyms: Bribe, Buy, Corrupt, Grease One's Palms

6. Verb. Take vengeance on or get even. "This time I got him"
Exact synonyms: Fix, Get, Pay Back
Generic synonyms: Get Back, Get Even
Related verbs: Pay
Derivative terms: Payback

Definition of Pay off

1. Verb. (transitive informal) To bribe, ''especially'' to deter oversight. ¹

2. Verb. (intransitive) To become worthwhile; to produce a net benefit. ¹

3. Verb. (transitive) To pay back; to repay. ¹

4. Verb. (transitive) To pay back (gloss repay, pay off) the entirety of a loan, thereby effecting the release of a lien on. ¹

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Literary usage of Pay off

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. South Eastern Reporter by West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals, West Publishing Company, South Carolina Supreme Court (1922)
"44 in said district and county, or any part thereof, may be sold, the proceeds shall be applied to pay off a certain mortgage note which George L. Prentiss ..."

2. Lawyers' Reports Annotated by Lawyers Co-operative Publishing Company (1912)
"In a subsequent case, in which it was alleged that Mrs. В., "while negotiating said loan, told complainant that she wanted the money to pay off a former ..."

3. Reports of Cases Argued and Determined in the High Court of Chancery: In the by John Tracy Atkyns, Philip Yorke Hardwicke, William Newnam, Great Britain Court of Chancery (1781)
"... appearing to ha»e fettled an account ¡л 1730, in order to pay off the ... in order to pay off the mortgage ; and though no further proceedings have been ..."

4. An American Glossary by Richard Hopwood Thornton (1912)
"To discharge, to pay off. former time.—Oregon Spectator, April 30. 1858 I bent my back in lifting notes, and I don't know that it 1846 [Mr. W.] is loss able ..."

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