Definition of Peacetimes

1. Noun. (plural of peacetime) ¹

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Definition of Peacetimes

1. peacetime [n] - See also: peacetime

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Literary usage of Peacetimes

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The New York Times Current History (1917)
"... which tends to vitiate any plans now laid for peacetimes. The most important part bi his article is devoted to answering semi-official ..."

2. "The Greatest Failure in All History": A Critical Examination of the Actual by John Spargo (1920)
"To aid in the study of the possibility of developing the kinds of labor required by the necessities of peacetimes, such as the methods of using three shifts ..."

3. The Nation and the Schools: A Study in the Application of the Principle of by John Alexander Hull Keith, William Chandler Bagley (1920)
"It should see as clearly the enormous loss of man-power from the same causes during peacetimes, — a loss the more regrettable in that much if not most of it ..."

4. Variabilität und Vererbung am Zentralnervensystem des Menschen und einiger by Hans Driesch, Hal George Evarts, Johann Paul Karplus (1921)
"They bow alike to enemies and friends, a custom of their kind that is unalterable in peacetimes or in war. True to their code, they balanced with long legs ..."

5. Our Army at the Front by Heywood Broun (1918)
"... of astonishing preparedness because immediately before it became the Medical Corps, it had been the Red Cross, and the Red Cross knows no peacetimes. ..."

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