Definition of Peanut oil

1. Noun. An oil from peanuts; used in cooking and making soap.

Exact synonyms: Groundnut Oil
Generic synonyms: Oil, Vegetable Oil
Substance meronyms: Peanut
Language type: Britain

Medical Definition of Peanut oil

1. Oil extracted from the kernels of one or more cultivated varieties of Arachis hypogaea (family Leguminosae); used as a solvent for intramuscular injections and in the preparation of foods. Synonym: arachis oil. (05 Mar 2000)

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Literary usage of Peanut oil

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Foods and Their Adulteration: Origin, Manufacture, and Composition of Food by Harvey Washington Wiley (1917)
"peanut oil is obtained from the peanut by the ordinary method of hydraulic ... peanut oil is highly prized as a salad oil either alone or mixed with other ..."

2. Food Industries: An Elementary Textbook on the Production and Manufacture of by Hermann Theodore Vulté, Sadie Bird Vanderbilt (1920)
"peanut oil. peanut oil is extracted from the peanut by the ... peanut oil is also utilized in the making of fine silks as it does not readily turn rancid, ..."

3. Pork-production by William Wesley Smith, Robert Alexander Craig (1920)
"These are peanut oil meal and unhulled peanut oil feed. peanut oil meal is merely the hulled and ground peanut minus most of the oil. ..."

4. A Short Hand-book of Oil Analysis by Augustus Herman Gill (1903)
"peanut oil would be shown by the isolation of arachidic acid. Lard oil by the odor when heated, and also Olive by the deposition of stearin when cooled to ..."

5. The Examination of Hydrocarbon Oils and of Saponifiable Fats and Waxes by David Holde (1915)
"If the solution does not clarify, owing to the peanut oil present, it is warmed till clear. It is then cooled to 16° and left 5 minutes at this temperature; ..."

6. Principles and Practice of Agricultural Analysis: A Manual for the by Harvey Washington Wiley (1897)
"Olive oil 1.69 2.03 Cottonseed oil 4.25 5.30 peanut oil 2.74 3.87 Linseed oil 5.55 7.32 Livache found that linseed oil absorbed about twice as much oxygen ..."

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