Definition of Pecten magellanicus

1. Noun. A large scallop inhabiting deep waters of the Atlantic coast of North America.

Exact synonyms: Giant Scallop, Sea Scallop
Generic synonyms: Escallop, Scallop, Scollop
Group relationships: Genus Pecten
Terms within: Sea Scallop

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Literary usage of Pecten magellanicus

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Report Upon the Invertebrate Animals of Vineyard Sound and Adjacent Waters by Addison Emery Verrill (1874)
"pecten magellanicus Lamarck, Anim. sans Vert., ed. ii, vol. vii, p. 134 (? non Gmelin, sp.); Hanley, Recent Shells, p. 274; Gould, Invert., ed. i, p. 132. ..."

2. The Journal of Geology by University of Chicago Department of Geology and Paleontology (1905)
"... shell fragment was found which seems to be clearly identified as from near the ventral margin of a specimen of our northern species, pecten magellanicus ..."

3. Report on the Geology, Mineralogy, Botany, and Zoology of Massachusetts by Massachusetts Geological Survey, Edward Hitchcock (1833)
"Mytilus demissus. Very abundant at N. Bedford. pecten magellanicus. Rare in Mass. Common at Eastport, Me. Pecten Islandicus. ..."

4. Labrador, the Country and the People by Wilfred Thomason Grenfell (1909)
"... pecten magellanicus), locally known by the name of "pussel," is found in the Strait of Belle Isle. It is excellent eating, the large adductor muscle ..."

5. Elements of Geology; Or, The Ancient Changes of the Earth and Its by Charles Lyell (1866)
"... and pecten magellanicus, Lam., are recent species, yet of forms now confined to the western side of the Atlantic—a fact implying that some traces of the ..."

6. The Student's Manual of Geology by Joseph Beete Jukes (1872)
"... Modiola glandula, and pecten magellanicus, are recent species, yet of forms now confined to the western side of the Atlantic—a fact implying that some ..."

7. Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia by Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia (1874)
"... specimens of pecten magellanicus, from Connecticut, by Dr. Leidy; and six species of South American land shells, by an unknown donor. ..."

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