Definition of Peer of the realm

1. Noun. A peer who is entitled to sit in the House of Lords.

Definition of Peer of the realm

1. Noun. (U.K.) Any member of the House of Lords who is not a life peer ¹

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Literary usage of Peer of the realm

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Parliamentary Debates by Great Britain Parliament (1906)
"Resolved, That no Peer of the Realm, except such Peers of Ireland as shall for the time being be actually elected, and shall not have declined to serve, ..."

2. A Constitutional History of the House of Lords by Luke Owen Pike (1894)
"The doctrine that a Spiritual Lord was a Peer of the Realm was now extinct. down to the twenty-third year of Edward III \ but so far as is known, ..."

3. Second Series of Bibliographical Collections and Notes on Early English by William Carew Hazlitt (1882)
"Noble Peer of the Realm. [1681.] Folio, A Letter to a Noble Peer of the Realm, about his late Speech and Petition to His Majesty. [1681.] A sheet. ..."

4. A Critical Enquiry Regarding the Real Author of the Letters of Junius by George Coventry (1825)
"... while it has been virtually disavowed by the late king in creating his lordship a peer of the realm. It is altogether different to a bill of attainder, ..."

5. The Windsor Magazine: An Illustrated Monthly for Men and Women (1895)
"... men who had nothing in common except their country ; for one was a peer of the realm travelling in " Maybe, maybe 1 Though I don't hold by foreign ways. ..."

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