Definition of Pemphigous

1. Adjective. Of or relating to or manifesting pemphigus.

Partainyms: Pemphigus
Derivative terms: Pemphigus

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Literary usage of Pemphigous

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The British Journal of Dermatology by British Association of Dermatology (1891)
"... and Auspitz in his etiological classification ranks Pemphigus and pemphigous dermatoses as such. The effects of the subsidence of the plantar arch must ..."

2. A Treatise on Poisons: In Relation to Medical Jurisprudence, Physiology, and by Robert Christison (1836)
"... particularly of the face, and on the third day with an eruption of pemphigous vesicles as large as almonds, which dried up in forty-eight hours. ..."

3. On diseases of the skin: A System of Cutaneous Medicine by Erasmus Wilson (1868)
"... acneform affections, pustular affections, and pemphigous affections. The fourteen constituents of the acute ..."

4. A Treatise on Syphilis in New-born Children and Infants at the Breast by Paul Diday, Charles Joseph Paul Edouard Diday, Frederic Russell Sturgis (1883)
"123) was more fortunate, having saved two children by the administration of bichloride of mercury, of which one was born with pemphigous ..."

5. Annual of the Universal Medical Sciencesedited by [Anonymus AC02809657] edited by [Anonymus AC02809657] (1894)
"... the second by the preponderance of vesicles, meriting particularly the name of herpetiform dermatitis; the third, bullous or pemphigous, the erythema ..."

6. The British Journal of Homoeopathy edited by John James Drysdale, Robert Ellis Dudgeon, Richard Hughes, John Rutherfurd Russell (1853)
"(Third day) Eruption of pemphigous vesicles, which dry up in 48 hours. Peculiar disagreeable impressions on back of tongue. f Sulphate of Indigo. Ind. sul. ..."

7. The Retrospect of Practical Medicine and Surgery: Being a Half-yearly edited by William Braithwaite, James Braithwaite, Edmond Fauriel Trevelyan (1897)
"He thought it interesting to report a case wherein the exanthema was constituted by an eruption of pemphigous nature. It was that of a woman who, ..."

8. Recent Essays by Various Authors on Bacteria in Relation to Disease by William Watson Cheyne, Sir 1st Bart William Watson Cheyne (1886)
"For the same reason the contents of the pemphigous bullas of leprosy are not infective. The disease can only thus be considered contagious indirectly if the ..."

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