Definition of Peoplers

1. Noun. (plural of peopler) ¹

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Definition of Peoplers

1. peopler [n] - See also: peopler

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Literary usage of Peoplers

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern by Edward Cornelius Towne (1896)
"And in the lower part of the tablet were inscribed these verses: — Where are the Kings and the peoplers of the earth ..."

2. The Gentleman's Magazine (1828)
"... by paths scarcely ever trodden, rendering us familiar with the first peoplers and teachers of the new creation under Noah, with alphabets and tongues, ..."

3. Incidents of Travel in Yucatan by John Lloyd Stephens (1848)
"... that these imperfect pages may in some way throw a glimmer of light upon the great and long vainly mooted question, who were the peoplers of America ? ..."

4. Hakluytus posthumus: Contayning a History of the World in Sea Voyages and by Samuel Purchas (1906)
"... civill and politicke Nation; this word signifies a people that speakes well, in respect of other barbarous Nations without reason. These second peoplers ..."

5. Hakluytus Posthumus, Or, Purchas His Pilgrimes: Contayning a History of the by Samuel Purchas (1906)
"Of the Islanders Houses, Fewell, Victuall. . . 533 Letters and Grammer of Island. First Northerne Inhabitants. First peoplers of the North ..."

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