Definition of Persian deity

1. Noun. A deity worshiped by the ancient Persians.

Generic synonyms: Deity, Divinity, God, Immortal
Specialized synonyms: Mithra, Mithras, Ahura Mazda, Ormazd, Ormuzd, Ahriman, Zurvan
Category relationships: Antiquity

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Literary usage of Persian deity

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Conversion of Europe by Charles Henry Robinson (1917)
"Mithra was a persian deity and is usually portrayed Mithra a as a young man representing Victory and engaged in deity. slaying a bull, the slaying of the ..."

2. An Essay on Medals: Or, An Introduction to the Knowledge of Ancient and by John Pinkerton (1808)
"The Egyptian said that a single vase, sacred to Serapis, would extinguish the whole power of the persian deity of fire. The experiment was tried, ..."

3. The Golden Bough: A Study in Magic and Religion by James George Frazer (1900)
"... Sandes, and Anaitis, whom he identifies with Zeus, Hercules, and Aphrodite respectively.1 As we know that Bel was a Babylonian, not a persian deity, ..."

4. The Expositor edited by Samuel Cox, Sir W Robertson Nicoll, James Moffatt (1906)
"... show Perseus adoring the archaic Apollo: the new Greek colonists naturally recognized the early Ionian god. The persian deity Ahura-mazda appears on ..."

5. The Coins of the Greek and Scythic Kings of Bactria and India in the British by British Museum Dept. of Coins and Medals, Percy Gardner, Reginald Stuart Poole (1886)
"... a persian deity mentioned by Strabo.* But he was a male deity, and of his character we know nothing. Wind-god running. ..."

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