Definition of Personnel department

1. Noun. The department responsible for hiring and training and placing employees and for setting policies for personnel management.

Exact synonyms: Personnel, Personnel Office, Staff Office
Generic synonyms: Department, Section

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Literary usage of Personnel department

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Personnel Administration: Its Principles and Practice by Ordway Tead, Henry Clayton Metcalf (1920)
"The allocation of responsibilities to personnel executives should therefore take place only when the personnel department is reasonably sure it can handle a ..."

2. Business Administration by Leon Carroll Marshall (1921)
"Do these other costs go far to justify a personnel department ? 9. If a plant is located in a town where recreation, health, education, and home conditions ..."

3. Marketing, Its Problems and Methods by Carson Samuel Duncan (1920)
"Where complete organization is possible, it has been suggested that the sales organization should be divided into a personnel department, an advertising ..."

4. An Introduction to the Study of Labor Problems by Gordon S. Watkins (1922)
"2 For the performance of such a task many corporations have already created the personnel department, under the direction of a personnel or labor manager. ..."

5. Personnel Relations in Industry by Algie Martin Simons (1921)
"... discipline, and discharge of employees demand common action and a joint policy. Finance and the personnel department Because many of the duties now ..."

6. Public Affairs Information Service Bulletin by Public Affairs Information Service (1920)
"RI Clegg. figs Iron Age 105:27-31 Ja 1 '20 Planning a personnel department. MR Lott. diags Factory 24:614-1/ Mr 1 '20 Industrial personnel relations: with ..."

7. Labor Maintenance: A Practical Handbook of Employees' Service Work by Daniel Bloomfield (1920)
"Sometimes—"personnel department" At the Thomas A. Edison plant at Orange, ... The personnel department reports to the chairman of the board of directors. ..."

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