Definition of Pesach

1. Noun. (Judaism) a Jewish festival (traditionally 8 days from Nissan 15) celebrating the exodus of the Israelites from Egypt.

Exact synonyms: Feast Of The Unleavened Bread, Passover, Pesah
Category relationships: Judaism
Generic synonyms: Movable Feast, Moveable Feast
Specialized synonyms: Pasch, Pascha

Definition of Pesach

1. Proper noun. the Jewish festival of Passover ¹

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Literary usage of Pesach

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Lectures on the Pentateuch and the Moabite stone by John William Colenso (1873)
"THE ORIGIN OF THE pesach OR PASSOVER. first germ of that practice of later' times in Israel, which drew a sharp line of distinction between the priests and ..."

2. The Standard Book of Jewish Verse by Joseph Friedlander, George Alexander Kohut (1917)
"pesach Le' Osid (The Passover of the Future) ISRAEL in fetters still! The prophet's wand Shall stretch across the tyrant's hapless land, And prison doors ..."

3. The Jewish Religion Ethically Presented by H. (Henry) Pereira Mendes (1905)
"The Passover or pesach. 1. The Passover Festival is called in Hebrew, pesach. 2. It is kept in honor of our Freedom, when we were delivered by God from ..."

4. The Documents of the Hexateuch: Translated and Arranged in Chronological by William Edward Addis (1898)
"'pesach.' The name is undoubtedly ancient, though it occurs first in Deut. (in Exod. xxxiv. 25 the word is an interpolation). The pesach was the only one of ..."

5. The Mosaic Origin of the Pentateuchal Codes by Geerhardus Vos (1886)
"A semblance, indeed, of proof is adduced: "The feast proper is not called Hag-ha-pesach, but Hag-ha-Maz- zoth: only the latter stands co-ordinate with both ..."

6. Children of the Ghetto: A Study of a Peculiar People by Israel Zangwill (1895)
"In the first Anglo-Jewish circles with which pesach had scraped ... On the day when you sit for joy, pesach," she said slily, " I shall send you a valentine ..."

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