Definition of Petty criticism

1. Noun. A petty disparagement.

Exact synonyms: Detraction
Generic synonyms: Depreciation, Derogation, Disparagement

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Literary usage of Petty criticism

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Bookman's Budget by Austin Dobson (1917)
"petty criticism ' GREAT is the man, who with unwearied toil Spies a weed springing in the richest soil. ..."

2. History of the Sacred Scriptures of the New Testament by Eduard Reuss (1884)
"... were it not for the love of peace they would by this time have been to a great extent successful, in spite of the clamor of narrow and petty criticism. ..."

3. Talbot V. Talbot: A Report of the Speech of Wm. Keogh, Solicitor General for by william Nicholas Keogh, John Talbot, Ireland High Court of Delegates, High Court of Delegates, Mary Anne McCausland Talbot, Ireland (1855)
"But if the whole of this evidence is examined, not with any miserable petty criticism, trying to reconcile every syllable between one witness and another, ..."

4. Principles of Vocal Expression: Being a Revision of the Rhetoric of Vocal by William Benton Chamberlain, Solomon Henry Clark (1897)
"I grant it would have been better, to avoid such confusion and petty criticism, to have indicated the right when uttering " starboard," but only to avoid ..."

5. Democracy in Education: A Social Interpretation of the History of Education by Joseph Kinmont Hart (1918)
"... of the existent) that it is securely fortified against the assaults of either brute force (for men will gladly die for it) or petty criticism. ..."

6. Democracy in Education: A Social Interpretation of the History of Education by Joseph Kinmont Hart (1918)
"For humanity must catch sight of something essentially larger, nobler, more worth while, before this conception can be abandoned, and petty criticism can ..."

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