Definition of Pezophaps

1. Noun. Constituted by the extinct solitaire.

Exact synonyms: Genus Pezophaps
Generic synonyms: Bird Genus
Group relationships: Family Raphidae, Raphidae
Member holonyms: Pezophaps Solitaria, Solitaire

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Literary usage of Pezophaps

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Catalogue of the Birds in the British Museum by Richard Bowdler Sharpe, British Museum (Natural History). Dept. of Zoology (1893)
"Cf. Newton, A. $ E., " On the Osteology of the Solitaire or Didine Bird of the Island of Rodriguez (pezophaps solitaria, 6m.) " (Phil. Tran». 1869, pp. ..."

2. The English Cyclopaedia by Charles Knight (1870)
"The proportions of Didus, pezophaps, Casuarius, Rhea, Dromaius, ... He thinks that, like them, the pezophaps were polygamous, and that the males fought with ..."

3. Annals and Magazine of Natural History by William Jardine (1868)
"In the quadrate the two birds are more alike. The rest of the bones of the head are wanting. A comparison of the entire skeleton shows that pezophaps is in ..."

4. The Voyage of François Leguat of Bresse, to Rodriguez, Mauritius, Java, and by François Le Guat, Samuel Pasfield Oliver (1891)
"A comparison of the entire skeleton shows that pezophaps is in some degree, and perhaps on the whole ..."

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