Definition of Phase III clinical trial

1. Noun. A large clinical trial of a treatment or drug that in phase I and phase II has been shown to be efficacious with tolerable side effects; after successful conclusion of these clinical trials it will receive formal approval from the FDA.

Exact synonyms: Phase Iii
Generic synonyms: Clinical Test, Clinical Trial

Medical Definition of Phase III clinical trial

1. An advanced stage clinical trial that should conclusively show how well a drug works as compared to other treatments. Phase III trials are large, frequently multi-institution tests. They generally compare the relative value of the new drug compared with the current standard treatment and measure whether a new drug extends survival or otherwise improves the health of patients on treatment (clinical improvement) rather than just provide surrogate marker data. These studies generally last longer and are larger than phase II trials. (31 Dec 1997)

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Literary usage of Phase III clinical trial

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Blood Supply: Transfusion-Associated Risks by Marcia G. Crosse (1999)
"These products are limited by their short shelf life and as yet undetermined toxicity. A double-blind, controlled phase III clinical trial of a recombinant ..."

2. To America's Health: A Proposal to Reform the Food and Drug Administration by Henry I. Miller (2000)
"... of dollars.2 (One cardiovascular drug failed in a multicenter phase III clinical trial after the expenditure of a quarter-billion dollars. ..."

3. Science by American Association for the Advancement of Science (1883)
"... an agent may be rejected at a late stage of the phase III clinical trial. coverage and optimistic headlines (26) accompanying these initial clinical ..."

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