Definition of Philibert delorme

1. Noun. French royal architect who built the Tuileries Palace and Gardens in Paris for Catherine de Medicis (1515-1570).

Exact synonyms: De L'orme, Delorme, Philibert De L'orme
Generic synonyms: Architect, Designer

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Literary usage of Philibert delorme

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A History of France by Victor Duruy, John Franklin Jameson (1896)
"philibert delorme. — The second of the great French architects, ... Philibert Delorme, in one of his writings, commends her "for the extreme pleasure which ..."

2. The History of Modern Civilization: A Handbook Based Upon M. Gustave by Gustave Ducoudray (1891)
"... Architecture—philibert delorme—Pierre Lescot—Italian Sculpture—French Sculpture—Painting: the Earliest Italian Masters of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth ..."

3. Dynamics, Construction of Machinery, Equilibrium of Structures and the by George Finden Warr (1851)
"philibert delorme * A patent circular malleable iron roof has been patented by Messrs. Neill and Crawford, in which flat bars of iron are used for ribs, ..."

4. Old and New Paris: Its History, Its People, and Its Places by Henry Sutherland Edwards (1893)
"According to the plan of philibert delorme, the new Palace of the Tuileries was to be a true palace of the French kings, with a royal façade, ..."

5. The Century of the Renaissance: Crowned by the Académie Des Sciences Morales by Louis Batiffol, John Edward Courtenay Bodley (1916)
"He was almost more of an engineer than an architect, and might have said with philibert delorme that he was " fascinated by those beautiful inventions that ..."

6. French Painting in the Sixteenth Century by Louis Dimier (1904)
"... had the effect of throwing in his way an unprecedented rivalry, and of somewhat diminishing his importance. * On the authority of philibert delorme: ..."

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