Definition of Pianoforte

1. Noun. A keyboard instrument that is played by depressing keys that cause hammers to strike tuned strings and produce sounds.

Definition of Pianoforte

1. Noun. (music) A lesser used term for the piano (''the musical instrument''). ¹

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Definition of Pianoforte

1. [n -S]

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pianoforte (current term)

Literary usage of Pianoforte

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians by George Grove (1910)
"4 (In F minor), forte Sonata In G major. Months.' Twelve pieces for the pianoforte. Songs, -ity-four nay pianoforte Pieces ..."

2. Elson's Music Dictionary: Containing the Definition and Pronunciation of by Louis Charles Elson (1905)
"A pianoforte so united with a reed instrument that the same set of keys serve for ... An upright pianoforte. pianoforte, dumb. A keyboard arranged for the ..."

3. Modern Music and Musicians by Louis Charles Elson (1918)
"The prominent position taken by the pianoforte in modern music gives special importance to the work of Muzio Clementi, who was the first composer to show a ..."

4. A Dictionary of Music and Musicians (A.D. 1450-1880) by John Alexander Fuller-Maitland, George Grove (1880)
"It cannot be too emphatically urged that pianoforte makers, to truly excel, ... Ш2 1710 Marlus submitted mudeli of pianoforte to the Academy In 14/7 Paris. ..."

5. Dwight's Journal of Music: A Paper of Art and Literature by John Sullivan Dwight (1861)
"2 Romances for violin and pianoforte. " 5. Trio for pianoforte, violin and violoncello " 7. 3 terzette ; 2 soprano and alto with piano forte. " 11. ..."

6. The Early Diary of Frances Burney, 1768-1778: With a Selection from Her by Fanny Burney (1889)
"Therefore this harpsichord with hammers was virtually a pianoforte. ... The appearance of the pianoforte, as distinguished from the harpsichord, in England, ..."

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