Definition of Pico de orizaba

1. Noun. An extinct volcano in southern Mexico between Mexico City and Veracruz; the highest peak in Mexico (18,695 feet).

Exact synonyms: Citlaltepetl, Mount Orizaba, Mt Orizaba
Group relationships: Mexico, United Mexican States
Generic synonyms: Volcano

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Literary usage of Pico de orizaba

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Peep at Mexico: Narrative of a Journey Across the Republic from the by John Lewis Geiger (1874)
"... station—The Mexico and Vera Cruz Railway—A cold night—Apizaco and the branch line to Puebla—Pico de Orizaba—Boca del Monte—Maltrata—Escorts— Barranca ..."

2. Terry's Mexico: Handbook for Travellers by Thomas Philip Terry (1909)
"... and the wide gardens which surround some of the native homes impart the aspect of a country village. The snow-capped Pico de Orizaba peers above ..."

3. The Journal of Geography by National Council of Geography Teachers (U.S.) (1906)
"In the northern range are found the highest peaks in the country: Pico de Orizaba, 18696 feet; Popocatepetl, 17883 feet; Ixtaccihuatl, 17338 feet; Malinche, ..."

4. Good Words by Norman Macleod (1873)
"To our left rose the Malinche, and the Cofre de Perote, and far away, right before us, gleamed the Pico de Orizaba. At 6.30 PM we reached San Augustin ..."

5. The Days of a Man: Being Memories of a Naturalist, Teacher, and Minor by David Starr Jordan (1922)
"... of the Pico de Orizaba, its 18225 feet of brilliant green topped with dazzling white rising in lines of perfect i>eauty above the tropical city which ..."

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