Definition of Pie plant

1. Noun. Long cultivated hybrid of Rheum palmatum; stems often cooked in pies or as sauce or preserves.

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Literary usage of Pie plant

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Plough, the Loom, and the Anvil (1852)
"__ THB pie plant.—A correspondent of the Indiana Farmer expresses the opinion,based upon experiment, that the use of ashes for the pie plant produces a more ..."

2. The Principles of Vegetable-gardening by Liberty Hyde Bailey (1901)
"RHUBARB OR pie plant Rhubarb delights in a deep rich soil. Since its value depends on the succulence and size of the leaf-stalks, every care must be given ..."

3. The Horticulturist, and Journal of Rural Art and Rural Taste by Luther Tucker (1854)
"CULTURE OF PIE-PLANT. the Peach. Naturally a plant of rapid growth under ... Yet how few cultivate the Pie-Plant ! Why, we know not, for nearly all are fond ..."

4. The Magazine of Horticulture, Botany, and All Useful Discoveries and by C M Hovey (1836)
"... the pie plant, or Rhubarb (Rheum pan- ticum). By EDWARD SAYERS. Newark, New Jersey. THE pie rhubarb is one of the best known substitutes for green ..."

5. The American Fruit Garden Companion: Being a Practical Treatise on the by Edward Sayers (1839)
"On the Culture .of the pie plant. The pie plant or Rheum ... Many persons also use the pie plant as a sauce, and stew the stalks after being cut into small ..."

6. The Cultivator by New York State Agricultural Society (1857)
"I would inquire through your columns about the pie plant, or Rhubarb : which is the ... Many new varieties of the pie plant are constantly springing into ..."

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