Definition of Pig bed

1. Noun. Mold consisting of a bed of sand in which pig iron is cast.

Exact synonyms: Pig
Generic synonyms: Cast, Mold, Mould

Definition of Pig bed

1. Noun. a mold, made in a bed of sand, in which pig iron is cast; a pig ¹

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Literary usage of Pig bed

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Materials of Construction: Their Manufacture and Properties by Adelbert Philo Mills (1922)
"3 shows such a pig-bed. The individual depressions are connected to cross ... It is simply a pig-bed made of cast iron, molded in shape very similar to that ..."

2. The Blast Furnace and the Manufacture of Pig Iron: An Elementary Treatise by Robert Forsythe (1913)
"The sand pig-bed is destroyed by use, and must be remade before each cast. ... It comprises a permanent pig-bed, which is composed of heavy iron castings ..."

3. International Library of Technology: A Series of Textbooks for Persons by International Textbook Company (1903)
"From this it is led by branch runners on each side to the pig-bed molds. ... This operation is continued until the uppermost pig bed, which is nearest the ..."

4. The Journal of Analytical and Applied Chemistry by Edward Hart (1892)
"The slight loss of phosphorus in the lowest pig bed may be due to partial oxidation and removal as slag. The average silicon throughout the cast is 2.93 per ..."

5. Materials of Engineering by Robert Henry Thurston (1903)
"12$ arranged channels to the " pig bed." This is usually a considerable area of sand ... The pig bed is covered by a roof to protect it from the weather. ..."

6. The Journal of Analytical and Applied Chemistry edited by Edward Hart (1892)
"The average silicon throughout the cast is 2.93 per cent. and the loss on lowest pig bed is 4.4 per cent, of its total amount, while phosphorus is lowered ..."

7. Machinery and Its Benefits to Labor in the Crude Iron and Steel Industries by Charles Reitell (1917)
"At the Steelton furnaces negroes and Hungarians made up the pig-bed force. At the Lackawanna Iron and Steel Company furnace at North Cornwall, ..."

8. The Principles of Iron Founding by Richard Moldenke (1917)
"It is just as easy to have a pig bed ready for this material so that the section of the pieces be not over several inches. If desired, small amounts can be ..."

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