Definition of Pigmentations

1. Noun. (plural of pigmentation) ¹

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Definition of Pigmentations

1. pigmentation [n] - See also: pigmentation

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Literary usage of Pigmentations

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Handbook of Diseases of the Skin by Hugo Ziemssen (1885)
"These pigmentations, by their arrangement and localization, often permit us to deduce from them their respective cause, even if it have been long removed. ..."

2. Text-book of general and special pathology for students and practitioners by Henry Turner Brooks (1915)
"pigmentations. states immediately follow, which either progress more superficially: ... pigmentations. The color of the tissues of the visible external, ..."

3. A Manual of Pathology by Joseph Coats (1903)
"pigmentations ; 3. Necrosis, including ulcers. III. Inflammations. Causation. 1. Inflammatory skin eruptions, the individual lesions and different forms ..."

4. Diagnosis from Ocular Symptoms by Matthias Lanckton Foster (1917)
"pigmentations OF THE SCLERA A congenital, irregular, brown patch is to be seen on the sclera, quite frequently in negroes, much less often in brunette ..."

5. The Ductless Glandular Diseases by Wilhelm Falta (1916)
"Similar pigmentations are found, however, in normal individuals. Also in itching skin affections and [those due] to vermin, during the use of arsenic, ..."

6. Skin Diseases by Tilbury Fox (1875)
"Pigmentary discolorations may be divided into three main groups—(a) primary and idiopathic, (5) secondary or symptomatic—that is to say, pigmentations ..."

7. Ophthalmology; Essays, Abstracts and Reviews. edited by Henry Vanderbilt Würdemann, Nelson Miles Black (1906)
"Excessive pigmentations of the human eye are not very frequent. ... The most frequent are the pigmentations of the conjunctiva, giving the characteristic ..."

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