Definition of Pill bug

1. Noun. Small terrestrial isopod with a convex segmented body that can roll up into a ball.

Generic synonyms: Slater, Woodlouse
Group relationships: Armadillidium, Genus Armadillidium

Definition of Pill bug

1. Noun. Any of very many terrestrial crustaceans, of the family ''Armadillidiidae'', including the woodlice, that can roll themselves up into a protective ball ¹

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Literary usage of Pill bug

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Studies of Animal Life: A Series of Laboratory Exercises for the Use of High by Herbert Eugene Walter, Worrallo Whitney, Frederic Colby Lucas (1900)
"THE PILL-BUG. 1. Where is this animal found? (Dem. ... Do you think the pill-bug is a simpler or a more highly organized animal than the crayfish ? ..."

2. A Laboratory Manual of Zoölogy by Margaretta Burnet (1908)
"THE pill bug Compare the pill bug with the preceding forms. Does the carapace cover the ... How many pairs of legs has the pill bug? Are they segmented ? ..."

3. Zoölogy for High Schools and Academies by Margaretta Burnet (1895)
"The Sow Bug (or pill bug) is the little, dark, insect-like animal, which is common in dark, damp, or musty places, such as in cellars, or under boards, ..."

4. Zoölogy for High Schools and Academies by Margaretta Burnet (1895)
"Related, but not so nearly like it, are crabs of all kinds, the beach flea, water flea or cyclops, sow bug or pill bug, barnacle, ..."

5. Natural History of Hawaii: Being an Account of the Hawaiian People, the by William Alanson Bryan (1915)
"By some they may be mistaken for the pill-bug. Though they are distantly allied to the pill-bug, since they are true Crustacea, they are easily identified ..."

6. The Microscope: An Illustrated Monthly Designed to Popularize the Subject of (1891)
"... structure of the protoplasm may be observed with comparative ease and with lively satisfaction. The animal is the common pill-bug of popular language, ..."

7. The Animals and Man: An Elementary Textbook of Zoology and Human Physiology by Vernon Lyman Kellogg, Mary Isabel McCracken (1911)
"63. A damp-bug, the crayfish, lobster, and crabs. Ex- Isopod. (Four times amine the body of a dead pill-bug. It natural size. ..."

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