Definition of Pinus attenuata

1. Noun. Medium-sized three-needled pine of the Pacific coast of the United States having a prominent knob on each scale of the cone.

Exact synonyms: Knobcone Pine
Generic synonyms: Pine, Pine Tree, True Pine

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Literary usage of Pinus attenuata

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Dwarf Mistletoes: Biology, Pathology, and Systematics by Frank G. Hawksworth, Delbert Wiens (1998)
"N of Branch Guard Sta., N of Happy Camp, on pinus attenuata, Kuijt 1277 in 1957 (UC); Scott Mtn., on Pinus jeffreyi, Engelmann in 1880 (MO). TEHAMA CO. ..."

2. Phytopathology by American Phytopathological Society (1917)
"On April 12, 1915. a specimen was received from JE Haefner of the Siskiyou National Forest, Oregon, on pinus attenuata. On September 5, 1916, ..."

3. Plant Indicators: The Relation of Plant Communities to Process and Practice by Frederic Edward Clements (1920)
"pinus attenuata ranges from central Oregon to southern California, and P. coulteri extends from central to Lower California. Both are relatively xeroid and ..."

4. Journal of the New York Entomological Society by New York Entomological Society (1903)
"... Pinus coulteri, east side of Mt. Hamilton, el. 3700 ft., Mt. Lewis, el. 3600 ft. ; pinus attenuata, mts. west of Scott Valley, Siskiyou Co., Mt. Shasta. ..."

5. Manual of Tree Diseases by William Howard Rankin (1918)
"Pinus Banksiana Lamb. Castanea crenata Sieb. and Zucc. Pinus Jeffreyi Juniperus sp. pinus attenuata Lemmon Larix sp. Populus grandidentata Michx. ..."

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