Definition of Pipa pipa

1. Noun. A South American toad; incubates its young in pits in the skin of its back.

Exact synonyms: Pipa Americana, Surinam Toad
Generic synonyms: Tongueless Frog

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Literary usage of Pipa pipa

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Legends of the Panjâb by Richard Carnac Temple (1884)
"Pipa, Pipa baj gia, tera kinne na paia bhed ! Rakhi karda bagh di, karda bhajan hamesh. ... "Pipa, Pipa art thou called and none hath fathomed thy secrets! ..."

2. Chondrocranium, Amphibia by Henry Fox, Oliver Perry Hay, William A. Hilton, Henry Spencer Houghton, Benjamin Freeman Kingsbury, John Sterling Kingsley, Walter George Ridewood, W. H. van Seters, Guy Munroe Winslow (1890)
"... OF XENOPUS AND PIPA. Pipa are less dependent on external conditions, being provided at the outset with a large quantity of food-yolk, and being lodged ..."

3. The Book of Nature: An Elementary Introduction to the Sciences of Physics by Friedrich Karl Ludwig Schoedler (1870)
"We find here the American pipa (Pipa americana), which bears her eggs and young for a considerable time on her back; the beautiful green tree-frog (Hyla or- ..."

4. Explanatory Text to S.R. Urbino's Charts of the Animal Kingdom by Gotthilf Heinrich von Schubert, J. H. von Schubert (1869)
"The Great Brazilian TOAD, or PIPA (Pipa Americana) ; the front toes are long, round, and equal, back toes united by a web; body, covered with rough warts. ..."

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