Definition of Pistous

1. pistou [n] - See also: pistou

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Literary usage of Pistous

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Manual of Applied Mechanics by William John Macquorn Rankine (1898)
"... stated in Article 411, viz., that the velocities of the pistous are inversely as their areas, measured on planes- normal to their directions of motion. ..."

2. The Musical World (1857)
"... -a-pistous, in braes .. 2.—Ditto, ditto, strongly electro-plated and burnished .. 1 guineas. 4.—The Universal Cornopean Instructor 5s, ..."

3. Iron: An Illustrated Weekly Journal for Iron and Steel Manufacturers edited by Sholto Percy, Perry Fairfax Nursey (1858)
"He applies reservoirs, pipes, or tubes, to certain paru of the said pistous, ruda, or cylinders, for the same purpose. 3. He applies one or more valves, ..."

4. Journal by Royal Society of Arts (Great Britain) (1858)
"... EC This fire-engine is composed of two cylinders, in which are two pistous attached to a piston rod. The upper piston works in the inner cylinder, ..."

5. Harper's Dictionary of Classical Literature and Antiquities by Harry Thurston Peck (1897)
"If the two pistous are worked alternately, so that ono descends as the other rises, a continuous stream of water is forced out of the top of the ..."

6. The Living Age by Making of America Project, Eliakim Littell, Robert S. Littell (1909)
"The fly-wheels whirl, the pistous hp¡it. The engines shriek and sob. Though fast between a thousand wharves The burdened waters throb. ..."

7. New Zealand Official Yearbook by New Zealand Dept. of Statistics (1900)
"... employed resembles A direct-acting horizonal winding-engine, but the action is exactly the converse. Water is used to check the action of the pistous ..."

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