Definition of Plant department

1. Noun. The division of a business responsible for building and maintaining the physical plant.

Exact synonyms: Building Department
Generic synonyms: Business Department

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Literary usage of Plant department

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Transactions of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers by American Institute of Electrical Engineers (1916)
"At Edmonton the Power plant department has control of the generation of electricity ... Finally, the statement of the power plant department showed a net ..."

2. Directory of Federal Laboratory and Technology Resources: A Guide to (1993)
"Pantex Plant, Department of Energy See 1567 1126 Prototype Manufacturing Facility ... 1127 Rocky Flats plant department of Energy PO Box 928, Golden, ..."

3. Studies in the Cost of Urban Transportation Service by Frederick William Doolittle, American Electric Railway Association (1916)
"The Work of the Transportation Department, Power plant department, Electric Distribution Department, Rolling Stock Department, Way and Structures Department ..."

4. Bulletin (1916)
"The plant department, employing men only, takes care of the construction and ... THE plant department In the plant department of the two companies there are ..."

5. Press Reference Library by International News Service (1915)
"He helped rearrange the Herbaceous plant department, the Alpine plant department, the Arboretum, and the Economic Plant Collection, under glass. ..."

6. Advanced Dictation and Secretarial Training by Charles Gottshall Reigner (1921)
"... at the newtown square rich- mond and lynchburg offices has been completed by the plant department these offices are awaiting the receipt of instructions ..."

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