Definition of Pocket flap

1. Noun. A flap that covers the access to a pocket.

Generic synonyms: Flap
Group relationships: Pocket

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Literary usage of Pocket flap

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Math Centers: Take It to Your Seat, Grades 1-3 by Jill Norris (2002)
"Add details with marking pens and scraps of colored paper Add a strip of green grass cut from — construction paper along the top of the pocket flap. ..."

2. The United Service (1889)
"Buff vest, with nine buttons in front and four under each pocket-flap, seams piped with yellow braid. High-crowned black hat, with black cockade and eagle ..."

3. The American Diplomatic Code Embracing a Collection of Treaties and by Jonathan Elliot, United States (1834)
"Vest and small clothes of white, and navy buttons; the former to have ten in front, and four under each pocket flap. With this dress, a cocked hat, ..."

4. History of the Town of Holland, Massachusetts by Martin Lovering, Ursula N. MacFarland Chase (1915)
""He wore a dark blue coat, collared, faced, cuffed, and lined with buff; the bottom cut square and full behind, with a fold on each back skirt; pocket flap ..."

5. Household Elegancies: Suggestions in Household Art and Tasteful Home Decorations by C S Jones, Henry T. Williams (1877)
"The frame is fastened to the back part with glue and some invisible stitches, and the pocket-flap fastened to the back part by means of side parts, ..."

6. A Manual for United States Consuls: Embracing Their Rights, Duties by Joshua Sidney Henshaw (1849)
"There should be upon the coat ten navy buttons in front; one navy button on each side of the cape; four on each cuff; four under each pocket flap ; one on ..."

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