Definition of Point up

1. Verb. Emphasize, especially by identification. "This novel points up the racial problems in England"

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Literary usage of Point up

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Text-book of Coal-mining: For the Use of Colliery Managers and Others by Herbert William Hughes (1901)
"From this point up, the breast is widened out to its full dimensions in a distance of 5 to 7 yards. A space of about 3 feet wide is partitioned off from the ..."

2. Gasoline and Other Motor Fuels by Carleton Ellis, Joseph V. Meigs (1921)
"... a rather heavy base, which gave by common fractional distillation at atmospheric pressure 7 per cent light hydrocarbons of a boiling point up to 150° C. ..."

3. Gasoline and Other Motor Fuels by Carleton Ellis, Joseph V. Meigs (1921)
"... 32 per cent of a boiling point up to 250° C. (482° F.) and the rest of a ... F.) there was obtained 15 per cent more naphtha boiling point up to 150° C. ..."

4. The Acts of the Elders: Commonly Called the Book of Abraham : to which is by Abraham Norwood (1847)
"Judgment-seat—Elders point up, and the Bible down—exposition thereof, 1—19 ; John an unbeliever—cannot testify with his mouth shut, 20—36; treatment of ..."

5. Protocols of Proceedings of the International Marine Conference (1890)
"Cone, point up : Strong winds from the north may be expected. Dram over cone, point down : Very ... A cone hoisted point up indicates storm from the NW. ..."

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