Definition of Poke into

1. Verb. Enter briefly. "We poked into the bar"

Generic synonyms: Penetrate, Perforate

2. Verb. Examine physically with or as if with a probe. "Probe an anthill"
Exact synonyms: Dig Into, Probe
Generic synonyms: Penetrate, Perforate
Specialized synonyms: Gutter
Derivative terms: Probe, Probe

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Literary usage of Poke into

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. A Cyclopædic Dictionary of the Mang'anja Language Spoken in British Central by David Clement Ruffelle Scott (1892)
"... the finger is used thus to give a poke into the eye or mouth, or under the chin, or under the ear ; it is a sort of vicious thing to do : also ..."

2. Annual Report of the American Institute of the City of New York (1864)
"When about two-thirds boiled down, it is taken from the kettle and strained through a flannel poke into a holder and allowed to remain a number of hours to ..."

3. A Latin-English Dictionary Printed from the Unfinished Ms. of the Late by Thomas Hewitt Key (1888)
"Pr. I, 172; 4. met. poke into, ñeque enim mihi placet ... for scal-ap- or scol-up-] give little digs to, keep poking, poke into, ignem gladio scrutare, Hor. ..."

4. The Angler's Secret by Charles Bradford (1904)
"I have been trouting many years and I know by this time that the chance for taking these trout is passed, and so I poke into the pipe two or three times ..."

5. Sunset by Southern Pacific Company. Passenger Dept, Southern Pacific Company (1912)
"Dick did not move, and to Riley's feigned irritation he naively responded "I saw the cook take the whole lot to poke into the doughnuts for supper. ..."

6. The Connecticut Magazine: An Illustrated Monthly by William Farrand Felch, George C. Atwell, H. Phelps Arms, Frances Trevelyan Miller (1904)
"... in the jurisdiction of corruption in politics, why should it poke into theories whereby men might be built up into the condition of kings ? ..."

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