Definition of Pokeroot

1. pokeweed [n -S] - See also: pokeweed

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Literary usage of Pokeroot

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Bulletin of Pharmacy (1918)
"... of arom Alcohol Water, to make prickly ash.. .1 gentian spikenard fringe tree.. sassafras.... wahoo pokeroot.. ..1 cinchona 1 cascara 3 8 ..."

2. Dr. Chase's Family Physician, Farrier, Bee-keeper, and Second Receipt Book by Alvin Wood Chase (1874)
"By adding 1 oz. ; each, of pokeroot and black cohosh root, you have one of the best articles there iß for constitutional, or general Rheumatism, ..."

3. The Microanalysis of Powdered Vegetable Drugs by Albert Schneider (1921)
"Until within recent years the adulteration of belladonna by means of pokeroot was the rule rather than the exception. The adulteration is very readily ..."

4. Josh Billings' Wit and Humor by Josh Billings (1874)
"... pokeroot, and elderberry. Doctor, you are awl 3 ov these men, in one. ... pokeroot is an alte- ..."

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