Definition of Polyergus rufescens

1. Noun. Small reddish slave-making ant species.

Exact synonyms: Amazon Ant
Generic synonyms: Slave-maker, Slave-making Ant
Group relationships: Genus Polyergus, Polyergus

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Literary usage of Polyergus rufescens

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Entomologist's Text Book: An Introduction to the Natural History by John Obadiah Westwood (1838)
"... species which lives in small colonies, making captives and slaves of the Formica fusca, may be mentioned as examples. This A, polyergus rufescens a, ..."

2. The Encyclopedia Americana: A Library of Universal Knowledge (1918)
"polyergus rufescens is also a slave-making ant, and Latreille very justly observes ... Huber found that the slave-making polyergus rufescens, when left to ..."

3. The Cambridge Natural History by Arthur Everett Shipley, Sidney Frederic Harmer (1899)
"Here the raid is made in a similar manner to that of polyergus rufescens on Formica; the Tetramorium is attacked, and its pupae carried off to the abode of ..."

4. Guide to the Study of Insects, and a Treatise on Those Injurious and by Alpheus Spring Packard (1870)
"polyergus rufescens is also a slave- making ant, and "Latreille very justly observes that it is physically impossible for the rufescent ants ..."

5. Ants and Their Ways by William Farren White (1895)
"The mandibles being slender and curved, acute at the apex, and not dentate within, polyergus rufescens, as Formica sanguinea, is associated with the family ..."

6. The Monthly Microscopical Journal: Transactions of the Royal Microscopical (1877)
"That of polyergus rufescens is smaller in proportion, but the principal difference ... The lower lips of polyergus rufescens and of Atta barbara are ..."

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