Definition of Postadolescent

1. Adjective. Occurring after a period of adolescence. ¹

2. Noun. One who has grown out of adolescence. ¹

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Definition of Postadolescent

1. [adj]

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Literary usage of Postadolescent

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Practice of Medicine by Frederick Tice (1921)
"Goetsch has been able to confirm these findings in numerous instances. B. Bilobar Insufficiency of the postadolescent, ..."

2. Psychopathology by Edward John Kempf (1920)
"In the postadolescent age, parents, having sexual phobias and egocentric ... In one instance, a splendid type of postadolescent girl was literally in a ..."

3. Preventing Tobacco Use Among Young People: A Report of the Surgeon General by M. Joycelyn Elders (1997)
"Surveys conducted in 1991 among school-aged students, while lacking information on postadolescent initiation, provide information of more recent initiation ..."

4. My Tiny Life: Crime and Passion in a Virtual World by Julian Dibbell (1998)
"Keep in mind as well the sort of person he was falling in with. Self-selected in large part from the barely postadolescent majority of ..."

5. Do the Right Thing: The People's Economist Speaks by Walter Edward Williams (1995)
"It's similar to the relatively harmless college postadolescent nonsense. But in an era of political correctness, where people search for victim status in ..."

6. Correctional Psychology: Practice, Programming, and Administrationby Barbara K. Schwartz by Barbara K. Schwartz (2003)
"... androgen- depleting hormone in the treatment of male sex offenders. Journal of Sex Research, 6, 165-172. Money, J., & Bennett, RG (1981). postadolescent ..."

7. The Social Hygiene Bulletin by American Social Hygiene Association (1920)
"... of undoubted value for American soldiers, but they are equally valuable for audiences composed of parents, young workingmen, or postadolescent girls. ..."

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