Definition of Potations

1. Noun. (plural of potation) ¹

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Definition of Potations

1. potation [n] - See also: potation

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Literary usage of Potations

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Library of the World's Best Literature, Ancient and Modern by Charles Dudley Warner, Hamilton Wright Mabie, Lucia Isabella Gilbert Runkle, George H Warner (1902)
"His potations, however, serve to add fire and energy to his description of the philosopher, whom he says he knows thoroughly, and of whom he has also a good ..."

2. A Glossary; Or, Collection of Words, Phrases, Names, and Allusions to by Robert Nares, James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps, Thomas Wright (1867)
"of by the Romans, as fond of goo«l living and free potations ; and they ustd the term .... potations ..."

3. Albemarle County in Virginia: Giving Some Account of what it was by Nature by Edgar Woods (1901)
"He clung to his blankets, involuntarily, it was believed, because of too abundant potations the night before; and when appealed to by the cries and vivid ..."

4. The Life, Times, and Correspondence of the Right Rev. Dr. Doyle, Bishop of by William John Fitzpatrick (1861)
""Talk no more of your Cheltenham and Harrowgate springs, 'Tis from Lethe we now our potations must draw ; Your Lethe's a cure for—all possible things, ..."

5. Fraser's Magazine by Thomas Carlyle (1862)
"... and with a feeling of infinite relief, Adrian sought the society of the two sisters, and left Mr. Denbo- rough to his farther potations. ..."

6. My Life and Recollections by Grantley Fitzhardinge Berkeley (1866)
"... Caroline Lamb — "Cheek Chaworth" and Byron sharing deep potations—Miseries of separation—Rejection and acceptance by Miss Milbanke—His marriage—State of ..."

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