Definition of Poundals

1. Noun. (plural of poundal) ¹

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Definition of Poundals

1. poundal [n] - See also: poundal

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Literary usage of Poundals

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Dynamics for Beginners by John Bascombe Lock (1887)
"The total work done is 2240 x ii (55 + 180} = 2240 x it x 235 foot-poundals. The work done in going a mile with uniform velocity = 28 x 32 x ..."

2. Mechanics for Beginners: Part I. by John Bascombe Lock (1891)
"6. by 7 poundals acting on 4 cwt. Find the velocity produced and the distance ... 64 poundals act for 4 seconds on a mass of 2 lbs. initially at rest; ..."

3. The Elementary Principles of Mechanics by Augustus Jay Du Bois (1895)
"poundals. The constant resistance 320 which will bring the second mass to rest ... poundals. I (7) A cannon-ball of 5000 grams is discharged with a speed of ..."

4. Mechanics: A Textbook for Engineers by James Ellsworth Boyd (1921)
"A standard pound force is 32.174 poundals. A poundal is a little less than the ... Find the force in poundals which will stop it in a space of 20 feet. ..."

5. Solutions of Examples in Elementary Hydrostatics by William Henry Besant (1893)
"(1) THE pressure on a square foot = the weight of 100 cubic feet of water = 6250 lbs. weight = 201250 poundals. The pressure on a square centimetre = the ..."

6. Examples in Physics by Daniel Evan Jones (1888)
"26-32 poundals. 58. Tension = weight of 4024-3 gm. 59. 0-i 113 ft. ... poundals, or 48 ft.-Ibs. 1O8. The initial velocity must have been 96 ft. per ..."

7. American Metrological Society Proceedings by American Metrological Society (1884)
"... UMTS OF WORK—absolute measure :— Erg, or the amount of work done by a dyne acting through a centimeter ; value in foot poundals ..."

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