Definition of Powder-puff

1. Adjective. Used of competitive activities in which only women take part. "A powder-puff football game"

Similar to: Feminine

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Literary usage of Powder-puff

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Bulletin of Pharmacy (1920)
"Sanitary Velour Lyons, Limited, Montreal, attracted attention to their window by a huge powder puff suspended from the middle of the ceiling (the stunt was ..."

2. London Society edited by James Hogg, Florence Marryat (1872)
"Oblige me by handing over that powder-puff to me.' She looked vexed, but complied. ' When you come back, I will tell you why.' 'You are a pest,' said Mrs. ..."

3. A Collection of Addresses, Songs, Squibs, &c. Published at Liverpool, During (1897)
"«ut of Powder Puff, a remarkable little Poney, —— and a Hack. Lot 14. Fire Brand, out of Break-a-day, out of White Boy, out of Sedition, being thought a ..."

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