Definition of Power cable

1. Noun. Cable used to distribute electricity.

Exact synonyms: Power Line
Generic synonyms: Cable, Line, Transmission Line
Group relationships: Grid, Power Grid, Power System

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Literary usage of Power cable

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Electric Power Transmission: Principles and Calculations, Including a by Alfred Still (1919)
"Example of Design of Single-phase Concentric EHT power cable.—Let the working pressure be 100 kv (alternating) between the inner and outer conductors. ..."

2. Capital (1888)
"... in collaboration with BICC of UK. takes another giant step forward in cable technology in India with the introduction of their.newest power cable— ..."

3. Underground Transmission and Distribution for Electric Light and Power by Edward Bernard Meyer (1916)
"Section of submarine power cable, 11000 volts working pressure. ... Details of power cable-anchor, showing method of taking the strain on the armor wires. ..."

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