Definition of Primary health care

1. Noun. Health care that is provided by a health care professional in the first contact of a patient with the health care system.

Generic synonyms: Health Care

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Literary usage of Primary health care

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Nutrition and Development by Margaret R. Biswas, Per Pinstrup-Andersen (1985)
"primary health care From a health services standpoint, the WHO'S Primary ... The Alma Ata Declaration on primary health care expressly stated that the ..."

2. Continuity of Offender Treatment for Substance Use Disorders from by Gary Field (1998)
"primary health care The substance-using offender population suffers more health problems than the general public. The sobriety achieved in an incarcerated ..."

3. Health Care Technology And Its Assessment In Eight Countries edited by H. David Banta (2004)
"I Payment for primary health care In 1993 the central government introduced a radically new policy for paying for primary health care services. ..."

4. Report of the National Bipartisan Commission on Central America by Henry A Kissinger (1998)
"The immediate priorities of such a program are the eradication of malnutrition, the provision of primary health care, the prevention of disease, ..."

5. Supporting Local Health Care in a Chronic Crisis: Management And Financing by Dennis Dijkzeul, Caroline Lynch (2006)
"7In 1978, the Alma Ata DeclaraciĆ³n set forth the goal of achieving primary health care for all. During the 1980s, the World Bank began pushing for the ..."

6. Ageing and Long-Term Care: National Policies in the Asia-Pacific by David R. Phillips, Alfred C. M. Chan, Institute of Southeast Asian Studies (2002)
"The DH takes care of primary health care areas, including environmental hygiene, ... primary health care services primary health care should provide ..."

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