Definition of Principled

1. Adjective. Based on or manifesting objectively defined standards of rightness or morality. "A principled person"

Similar to: High-principled
Also: Scrupulous
Antonyms: Unprincipled

Definition of Principled

1. Adjective. Based on, having or manifesting principles. ¹

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Definition of Principled

1. [adj]

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Literary usage of Principled

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Conflict Resolution Education: A Guide to Implementing Programs in Schools Donna Crawford by Donna Crawford (1996)
"In principled responses, disputants use conflict resolution strategies to produce ... principled responses occur between individuals -who view themselves as ..."

2. The Four Leading Doctrines of the New Church, Signified by the New Jerusalem by Emanuel Swedenborg (1892)
"V. That hereafter the spiritual sense of the Word will be made known unto none, out those who are principled in genuine truths from the Lord. ..."

3. The Works of Hannah More: With a Sketch of Her Life by Hannah More (1827)
"An interchange of sentiment between intellectual and highly principled persons confers both pleasure and benefit. To make it at once pleasant and profitable ..."

4. An Enquiry Into the Duties of the Female Sex by Thomas Gisborne (1797)
"... radical principled on which character and the'jier'- manence: of character depend, — the principles of religion. ..."

5. The Scottish chiefs. Revised by Jane Porter (1862)
"... so familiar to him bу hearing it from every grateful heart, that he hardly remarked its tendency ; as it made no impression on his well-principled mind. ..."

6. The British Quarterly Review by Robert Vaughan, Henry Allon (1869)
"The characters of Erick and Maurice are well discriminated—the former high-principled and resolute ; : the latter by no means without principle, ..."

7. Remarks on Dr. Channing's Slavery by James Trecothick Austin (1835)
"... it is but a reiteration of the deep and powerful feeling which, to a very great extent, prevails among its best informed and well principled people. ..."

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