Definition of Prunus insititia

1. Noun. Small wild or half-domesticated Eurasian plum bearing small ovoid fruit in clusters.

Exact synonyms: Bullace
Generic synonyms: Plum, Plum Tree
Specialized synonyms: Damson Plum, Damson Plum Tree, Prunus Domestica Insititia

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Literary usage of Prunus insititia

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Publications by English Dialect Society (1886)
"Wr. prunus insititia, L. 1 Bullister. ' Prunus communis, or rather a large form of it common on seashores.'—Scott. (Galloway), Scottish Naturalist, April, ..."

2. Practical Plant Physiology: An Introduction to Original Research for by Wilhelm Detmer, S. A. (Samuel Albert) Moor (1898)
"If, eg, we cut slices from a branch of prunus insititia, determine the tension in some of the slices at once, while the others are first placed in water for ..."

3. Origin of Cultivated Plants by Alphonse de Candolle (1886)
"... their country from those of Syria,4 whence it is inferred that the former were prunus insititia. This seems the more likely that the modern Greeks call ..."

4. The Western Antiquary by William Henry Kearley Wright (1886)
"prunus insititia (b.) has often scarcely any spine, and then can only be distinguished by ... The tree is a native of Britain, and is the prunus insititia, ..."

5. Flora Indica: Being a Systematic Account of the Plants of British India by Joseph Dalton Hooker, Thomas Thomson (1855)
"... prunus insititia, has been found nowhere else in a wild state, except indeed it be a variety ..."

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