Definition of Pull round

1. Verb. Continue in existence after (an adversity, etc.). "The business is going to pull round "; "He survived the cancer against all odds"

Exact synonyms: Come Through, Make It, Pull Through, Survive
Entails: Convalesce, Recover, Recuperate
Generic synonyms: Defeat, Get The Better Of, Overcome
Antonyms: Succumb
Derivative terms: Survival, Survivor

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Literary usage of Pull round

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Links in My Life on Land and Sea by James William Gambier (1907)
"... with brigands— Malta fever—Given up—pull round—Invalided home—Get married—Retire—A haunted house. MANY able pens have attempted to describe Japan, ..."

2. Isis and Thamesis: Hours on the River from Oxford to Henley by Alfred John Church (1880)
"... a tendency to ' pull round ' the ' stroke-side' oars. Anyhow, whatever the cause, it soon became evident that Oxford would hold its own. ..."

3. The Canadian Monthly and National Review by William White (1875)
"I will pull round the point .and then you can land." "/ will pull round the point if you like, and you shall hold the tow-rope if you will be so kind, ..."

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