Definition of Pure

1. Adjective. Free of extraneous elements of any kind. "Pure oxygen"

2. Adjective. Without qualification; used informally as (often pejorative) intensifiers. "The unadulterated truth"

3. Adjective. (of color) being chromatically pure; not diluted with white or grey or black.
Exact synonyms: Saturated
Similar to: Intense, Vivid
Derivative terms: Pureness
Antonyms: Unsaturated

4. Adjective. Free from discordant qualities.
Similar to: Harmonious

5. Adjective. Concerned with theory and data rather than practice; opposed to applied. "Pure science"
Similar to: Theoretical

6. Adjective. (used of persons or behaviors) having no faults; sinless. "Pure as the driven snow"
Attributes: Morality
Also: Chaste
Similar to: Immaculate, Undefiled, White
Antonyms: Impure
Derivative terms: Pureness, Purity

7. Adjective. In a state of sexual virginity. "Men have decreed that their women must be pure and virginal"
Exact synonyms: Vestal, Virgin, Virginal, Virtuous
Similar to: Chaste
Derivative terms: Pureness, Pureness, Purity, Vestal, Virgin, Virginity, Virgin, Virtue

Definition of Pure

1. a. Separate from all heterogeneous or extraneous matter; free from mixture or combination; clean; mere; simple; unmixed; as, pure water; pure clay; pure air; pure compassion.

Definition of Pure

1. Adjective. free of flaws or imperfections; unsullied ¹

2. Adjective. free of foreign material or pollutants ¹

3. Adjective. free of immoral behavior or qualities; clean ¹

4. Adjective. of a branch of science, done for its own sake instead of serving another branch of science. ¹

5. Adverb. (Liverpool) to a great extent or degree; extremely; exceedingly. ¹

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Definition of Pure

1. free from anything different, inferior, or contaminating [adj PURER, PUREST]

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