Definition of Push forward

1. Verb. Push one's way. "She barged into the meeting room"

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Literary usage of Push forward

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Black Side: A Partial History of the Business, Religious, and by Edward R. Carter (1894)
"He also engaged in grocery-keeping which enabled him to push forward his education. He is a student of the Atlanta Baptist Seminary. ..."

2. Forty Years Among the Indians: A True Yet Thrilling Narrative of the Author by Daniel Webster Jones (1890)
"Our Explorations—Arrival at Phoenix—We push Forward on our Journey—Camp Among Thieves—A Meeting held with Indians —Its Good Results. ..."

3. The Works of William Robertson, D.D.: To which is Prefixed an Account of the by William Robertson, Dugald Stewart (1827)
"Spaniards to push forward, while he dispatched a large body of chosen warriors through different streets, some by land, and others by water, ..."

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