Definition of Putting to death

1. Noun. The act of terminating a life.

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Literary usage of Putting to death

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Imperial Gazetteer of India by William Wilson Hunter (1886)
"He sealed this compact by putting to death his French allies. During the wars with Haidar Ali, Nellore to a great extent escaped the general devastation. ..."

2. A Glossary; Or, Collection of Words, Phrases, Names, and Allusions to by Robert Nares, James Orchard Halliwell-Phillipps, Thomas Wright (1867)
"Their formes of putting to death (besides such u common els-where) are impaling upon stakes, дая ing, which is to be let fall from on high upon ..."

3. The Canada Law Journal by Law Society of Upper Canada, William S. Hein & Company, Canadian Bar Association (1916)
"practice of killing enemies, to which Henry V. resorted after Agincourt, by putting to death the combatants in what he deemed self-defence, ..."

4. The First Settlers of New-England, Or, Conquest of the Pequods, Narragansets by Lydia Maria Francis Child (1829)
"Philip is also accused of putting to death one of his confederates, for proposing terms of peace with the English; this, in my apprehension, may be excused, ..."

5. The Jurist by Great Britain Courts, Great Britain (1867)
"Whether any steps have been or will he taken to bring to trial stipendiary magistrate Fyfe for burning houses of peasants, putting to death one person ..."

6. A Complete Collection of State Trials and Proceedings for High Treason and Thomas Bayly Howell, William Cobbett, David Jardine by Thomas Bayly Howell, William Cobbett, David Jardine (1819)
"... divers other false traitors whose names are to the said jurors unknown of and concerning their said intended trai- torous killing and putting to death ..."

7. Critical and Exegetical Hand-book to the Epistle to the Romans by Heinrich August Wilhelm Meyer (1884)
"... respects their inner life and its moral self-consciousness) in the death of their Lord, according to which the putting to death of their Hauler included ..."

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