Definition of Quarter plate

1. Noun. A photographic plate measuring 3.25 inches by 4.25 inches.

Generic synonyms: Photographic Plate, Plate

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Literary usage of Quarter plate

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. The Photographic Times (1908)
"The quarter-plate man will descant on the lightness of his camera and kit ... Enlarging is ever growing more popular, and the quarter-plate man is as well ..."

2. Wilson's Quarter Century in Photography: A Collection of Hints on Practical by Edward Livingston Wilson (1887)
"In the middle of the door is an opening of one-quarter the size of a one-quarter plate. The plate-block C is of the size of a one-quarter plate, ..."

3. The Photographic Journal of America: The Oldest Photography Magazine in America (1917)
"Four oblong lantern slide negatives or two useful postcard sizes can be got out of a half-plate, and even the quarter-plate can be made to yield four locket ..."

4. The American Annual of Photography (1912)
"A COMPREHENSIVE MINIATURE CAMERA By CHESTER B. DURYEA *N an article by me on "The Size of the Camera," appearing in the ANNUAL of 1908, quarter- plate ..."

5. Wilson's Photographic Magazine (1910)
"To go back to our quarter-plate lens, we may measure the diameter of the disk of light ... A 5 x 4 plate will go inside the circle, as will a quarter-plate, ..."

6. The Complete Photographer by Roger Child Bayley (1906)
"For a hand- camera, quarter plate has very many advantages over every other size. ... A quarter plate, if taken with a good lens, should be capable of ..."

7. The Photographic Journal of America: The Oldest Photography Magazine in America (1916)
"As all the prints were quarter-plate size, or very little less, and as the reproductions were not to be larger than half-plate to whole-plate, I considered ..."

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