Definition of Quercus muehlenbergii

1. Noun. Medium-sized deciduous tree of the eastern United States that yields a strong durable wood.

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Literary usage of Quercus muehlenbergii

Below you will find example usage of this term as found in modern and/or classical literature:

1. Select Extra-tropical Plants, Readily Eligible for Industrial Culture Or by Ferdinand von Mueller (1895)
"quercus muehlenbergii, Engelmann. Middle and Eastern States of North America. A middle-sized tree ; its wood compact, strong, durable for posts and ..."

2. Select Extra-tropical Plants, Readily Eligible for Industrial Culture Or by Ferdinand von Mueller (1888)
"... on this tree and on Q. serrata and Q. dentata, that the silk-insect peculiar to oak-trees mainly is reared, as shown by Dr. Hance. quercus muehlenbergii ..."

3. Botanical Gazette by University of Chicago, JSTOR (Organization) (1918)
"... October 12, 1917 (nos. 4730, 4732, 4734, type). At this station there are 8 trees of this distinct variety of the post oak. quercus muehlenbergii var. ..."

4. The Natural Resources of Alabama, Displayed in the Exhibit of the Louisville by Charles Mohr (1883)
"... a large quota of the tanbark used in the large tanneries of Louisville and other Western markets. 67—quercus muehlenbergii, Engelm, CHINQUAPIN OAK. ..."

5. Manual of the Trees of North America (exclusive of Mexico) by Charles Sprague Sargent (1922)
"... nearly a hundred years at what is now Holm Lea, Brookline, Norfolk County, Massachusetts. 54. quercus muehlenbergii Engelm. Yellow Oak. Chestnut Oak. ..."

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